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The Future of the RFK Stadium-Armory Campus


After extensive planning, outreach, public input and involvement, Events DC is proud to present two concepts for the RFK Stadium-Armory Campus. Our vision for the Campus’ future is to create a revitalized site that celebrates its iconic beauty and history – while also acting as a first-class example of urban living that can attract residents and visitors and at the same time maintain a strong local identity.

Acting as a catalyst for the city, the RFK Campus future project will also make a substantial economic impact on the District, by reinvesting into the city through job opportunities, youth programs, local business development and ample community benefits and neighborhood serving amenities for residents to enjoy.


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Community Calendar 10.25

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A Message from Max and Greg

Thanks for staying engaged in the RFK Stadium-Armory Campus update projects! It was great to see everyone who attended the recent Quarterly Meeting – we provided some exciting information and received helpful feedback. Please continue to share your opinions, at any time not just during our meetings. You can always drop us a note through, and we’ll respond!

If you missed the Quarterly Meeting on October 16, never fear! This edition of our newsletter provides a recap of the discussions. We’re also sharing glimpses of recent events around the RFK Campus that brought out thousands to support area sports and sample local delicacies. This newsletter is also a great way to find out about other events happening soon. We hope to see you either getting some exercise, recycling your old paint, or sharing a meal with your neighbors.

Keep following us on Facebook  and Twitter  to read updates on the redevelopment projects and plan for our upcoming events. And if you haven’t already, be sure to sign the petition to show your support for the Campus revitalization efforts and let everyone know that we’re #RFKReady.

What Happened at the October Quarterly Meeting?

We heard the questions you asked at the Events DC October 16 RFK Campus Quarterly Meeting. We appreciate the feedback from the meeting and look forward to updating you soon.

Thank you for being open and honest with us – we want to continue working together!

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