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    I would like to know who is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the statue and small plot of land behind the statue of Robert F. Kennedy at RFK Stadium. The plot is in disrepair. A portion of the hedge is gone and the grass is very overgrown. I am head of a small group of locals who will be commemorating RFK’s life on the 50th anniversary of the late senator’s death at a park behind the Russell Senate Office Building. With this landmark year coming up I would hope that the plot would be put into shape. Please contact me. Thanks.

    What do you imagine for #RFKCampusFuture?

    We’re excited about the progress we’ve made in revitalizing the RFK Stadium-Armory Campus. We couldn’t have done it without you! But we know there is still much more work to be done. We’d love to hear your additional thoughts, comments or feedback to the concept plans, which will ultimately help us to reimagine the 190-acre site. Over the following months, we’ll be compiling all the information we receive and will be sharing it back with the greater Washington, DC community. Thanks again for your help in reimagining #RFKCampusFuture!

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    Tell Congress that You Support Our Redevelopment Plans for the RFK Campus!

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    We, the undersigned, express our support of the redevelopment of the RFK Campus. Tell Congress that the time is NOW to redevelop the existing site to bring amenities to the surrounding neighborhoods and add more recreational facilities to the community.

    This redevelopment will include:

    • A market hall
    • Multipurpose fields
    • A sports & recreation complex
    • Pedestrian bridges
    • A Robert F. Kennedy memorial
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